We love when the nights draw in, the air cools and it’s time to cosy up in your favourite blanket. We love to update the decor in our home with the changing of the seasons, and we’ve got some top tips to help you prepare your home for the fall. By celebrating all things Autumn, and giving you some top tips to get prepared for darker nights, we’re excited for getting cosy this year.

Stack of wool throws in autumn colours on top of a brown leather suitcase on a wooden three legged stool in front of a dark wooden panelled wall

As the nights start to get longer and we have more hours of darkness, there’s nothing better than to close the curtains, cosy up on a comfy couch, light some candles and enjoy the evening in front of the latest must-see drama or finishing the final chapter of that book you’ve been reading on your commute to the office.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to make the change in your interior design and get prepared for the fast approaching cold weather. Whether you need to add some softer lighting for longer nights in the warm, or want to update your soft furnishings to feel extra comfortable in your home – Autumn offers the opportunity to try a new colour scheme. A few simple changes here will help create a new cosy look and feel without costing a fortune.

Add Soft & Warm Accessories 

In Autumn, you’ll want your home to look as warm and welcoming as possible. Interior design can really affect the way we feel about a space, and at this time of year, you really want to be comfortable. Texture is incredibly important in the last few months of the year, and adding some chunky knitted fabrics or textures can be the most impact-ful way to update your home for the Autumn.

When you think about wrapping up warm in the evenings, don’t forget to do the same to your home. A high quality throw or blanket is the best way to achieve cosiness in Autumn. Keep an eye out for warming tones of orange, rust brown and reds as well as tartan patterns for a traditional feel.

Autumn themed bedroom, with light grey walls, rich orange bed covers and soft furnishings

Splash An Autumn Colour

When we think of Autumn, we’re drawn to thoughts of crisp mornings and windy evenings. Think falling leaves, pumpkins and flickering candlelight. One of the top tips for preparing your home for autumn is to add a splash of themed colours. The seasonal colour palette is full of opportunity for this time of year, with tones of yellow, orange, red and gold – and adding it to your home in early fall will help you with your festive decoration later in the year.

Adding stylish accessories in muted shades of orange, yellow or rusty brown is an easy way to draw out these autumnal colours or you could elevate your kitchen with Copper Splashbacks from Custom Splashbacks. Autumnal earthy tones and textures, like wood and deep greens, help to give your room a bit of depth, and can make an interesting interior statement, bringing the sense of the great outdoors into the rooms of your home.

Create Ambience With Soft Lighting

When it comes to lighting your home for Autumn, don’t just think about adding more light. You can make a big mistake by focusing on adding lots of different types of light to your room while not finding the right balance between fill lights and ambient subtle or accent lighting from candles and fairy lights. Think about creating pockets of soft lighting in your home, rather than trying to make every dark corner as bright as possible.

Autumn lighting is all about making your home feel cosy and welcoming. Highlight your home’s architectural features and character with warm lighting and create ambient shadow to make your home feel more comfortable and natural. Pair up classic brass, gold or copper in your room to bring your design together and prepare your home for autumn. Mix styles, sizes and fragrance and update frequently for simple seasonal changes to your interiors.

A wooden tabletop with pumpkins and pumpkin spice flavoured macarons on a slate board.

Sugar, Spice & All Things Nice

When it comes to getting cosy, then there’s nothing better than a luxury hot chocolate to cosy up with.

If you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, then it’s definitely the hub of your home.  In Autumn, there’s no reason why this has to change. Family and friends who arrive unannounced can still head for the kitchen – the perfect place for a cup of tea and a chat. Quite often in the colder evenings, we can be found there either baking something tasty and sweet or batch cooking for the week ahead – having a hearty meal ready to go is definitely the way forward at this time of year.

Fragrances of spice, cinnamon and mulled wine are synonymous with the approaching winter and festive period, so get stocked up on ingredients and recipes to try, so that if anyone does show up for a catch-up, you’re prepared with a treat! It’s a top tip when it comes to making your home more prepared for dark nights – fragrance is the key to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Enhance Cosy Evenings with Log Effect Electric Fires

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting than closing the curtains, settling into a comfy couch, and basking in the gentle glow of a flickering fire on an autumn night. So as the nights grow longer and the chill of autumn sets in, consider elevating your home’s ambience with the warmth of log effect electric fires. And the best thing is, they effortlessly combine style and functionality, creating a snug atmosphere that complements your autumn decor. So, as you prepare to embrace the changing seasons, why not add this timeless and comforting feature to your home, turning ordinary evenings into cosy retreats. You can’t get much better than that.

Let us know your top tips for transforming your home for the colder nights in the comments below!

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