As a simple to use colour scheme, and with so many homeware brands making the most of the timeless style this interior trend allows – it’s easy to style with smokey neutrals in your home. Here’s our top tips on how to style with smokey neutrals this year.

While we’re not claiming to be interior design experts, as a creative person – I’m always looking for great new style, and picking up on design trends. The saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire – but that’s certainly not the case with the smokey neutral interior trend. This theme is all about combining subtle tones of grey and refined materials such as glass, resin and steel.

Neutrals are so often overlooked when people start an interior design projects, often being considered boring or safe. With just a touch of smokiness and a few well-placed accent colours, a neutral colour scheme can be showcase your style with tasteful sophistication and contemporary glamour. On your next design project, ignore the light creams, whites and beige in place of smokier tones of grey, brown and stone. Accent with plush suites upholstered in rich fabrics or herringbone patterns. Mix this style further with complimentary furniture – think rich, deep tones of purple or blue to bring this trend to life.

A monochromatic interior design using grey fabrics and black and white art.

Smoky Neutrals is one of the top interior trends for this year, and the muted monochrome of the colour scheme is the perfect way to add a sense of finesse and style to your home. Tipped to be one of the key trends this year by interior experts, this trend gives you the freedom to accessorise and spruce up your interiors as often as you like without having to reach for the paint brush every time, because classic neutrals are the base. An absolute must for those of you who like an interior redesign to go the distance and last at least a few seasons!

Top Tips for Smokey Neutrals Around Your Home

Living Room

Gone are the days of basic magnolia undertones and boring beige. The must have interior colour scheme of the last decade has definitely been tones of grey, and it’s easy to see why. With so much versatility around the home, you’ll quickly feel that this look is as timeless as the bricks themselves.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to grey, and the slightly richer, smokier tones of the colour chart will add unexpected warmth to your home. Inject a shot of brightness with an accent colour in your living room and lift the feel of a small space. You don’t have to do this with paint or accessories. Why not think about some reclaimed wood to bring some texture with this style? You can get some inspiration from the stikwood website by visiting

Give florals the sophisticated twist that they need with a grey base, and style with gorgeous fabrics to match. If you’re unsure what colour to go for, start with a feature wall and work up from there with accessories and small touches.

For a glamorous feel, mix your smokey greys with warmer, more traditional neutral tones and use this colour palette to style with confidence. In the winter months, to make this room feel more cosy and welcoming, combine your smokey tones of grey with thick knit fabrics and chunky patterns for a great depth of texture and atmosphere. Golden metalics and warm white lights will always make a room feel more comfortable.


Smokey neutrals in the bathroom are a great way to style to get the modern chic look. Using grey, black and white tiles in unique gradient style pattern is a fantastic way to create a smokey look, combining this with elements in dark grey glass, and striking chrome finishes. As well as looking incredibly stylish, this interior trend really lends itself to accessories and simple seasonal updates. The bathroom is the best place to try out a new style as they’ll look amazing throughout the year.

– Bedroom –

Whether you’re looking for contemporary or classical, the bedroom should be a sanctuary of sophisticated relaxation. Choose the right shade of smokey neutral tones and you’ll be well on your way to a stunning and comfortable spa like feel. Give smokey greys the rustic charm with french inspired furniture, re-purposed or upcycled wooden textures or dark metal bed frames.

Go for a more luxurious feel with symmetrical geometric design and soft fabrics for a smokey neutral hotel chic look. Signature furniture pieces and plenty of mirrors will help to create this look, and soft ambient lighting works really well. For the upmarket look, think mixed fabrics and the classic scandinavian style – plenty of soft ambient lighting, textures and bold monochrome patterns.


In the kitchen, tones of grey help to create a productive atmosphere. Smokey grey colours will work fantastically against marble or granite work surfaces, and beautiful pendant lighting will help light your task based areas with a more ambient feel. Combine two different shades of the same base colour and you’ll have a stylish finish with simple to manage updates to your design. Darker colours should be reserved for the units, with brighter, space opening colours on the walls.

What do you think of this interior trend? Smokey neutrals are set to stay for the next few years at least, so feel free to leave your comments below and let us know how you style with smokey neutrals in your own home. Follow us on Instagram for more style and interior inspiration.

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