Life is a journey, with plenty of stops, delays, diversions and wrong turns along the way. We all travel at our own pace, and reach points where we have to look at where we’re heading, and where we’d like to reach next. Welcome to my introduction.

About Relative Luxury

Whether you’re turning over a new leaf, wiping the slate clean, moving forward or making a fresh start, we all begin somewhere.

Although I’ve never had things easy compared to some, the first twelve months after graduating university and entering the graduate career market were especially tough.

Creating this blog has come from looking back on some of the fantastic memories I have from some pretty incredible experiences over the last few years, helping me to focus on something and get through the tough times.

Relative Luxury was born

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My Goals

You might be asking yourself, what do I want to achieve? How do you get an idea? Where do I start? I wanted to start this blog for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ve always had a taste for luxury, despite never having the budget to make a lot of my day-dream trips and adventures a reality. I’ve read and followed quite a few luxury lifestyle and travel blogs for a while, with daily inspiration from those exploring the world and posting their reviews and advice. But I’ve noticed that a lot of these influencers and bloggers never address an issue that many of us face day to day.

Man's hands sorting through poloriod photos on a white table - with an older style manual film camera in hand.

Living the life of luxury is all well and good, if you have the means to do so. But how can you still chase life’s little luxuries if you have to work really hard for the simple things?

I come from a generation more interested in buying experiences than material things, and that’s where Relative Luxury fits in the blog world. It’s not a blog about luxury everyday, it’s about saving up from hard work to experience something truly special when you can.

My second reason for starting the blog is a bit of a personal one. I sometimes find it hard to express myself or open up, especially when I’m struggling – focusing on something in my work like writing content helped me to put aside my struggles and remember some of the great things that I have achieved and experienced in my life outside the office when things haven’t been so tough.

Through a change in job and working environment, as well as sitting down and addressing some of my personal stresses head on, I feel like my situation can improve. I’m hopeful for that at least. The next few years, I hope to use this space to write about my life and create some great content from my previous experiences too!

Follow my journey as I develop the blog – keep checking back for new posts, I’ve already got some interesting reviews and posts in the pipeline!

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