Accessories, especially high quality belts, can pull together a look, and add an element of class to your day to day office wear. In the first brand review on the blog, we take a look at the handcrafted style of the Brydon Brothers and pick our favourite products from the exclusive range.

Designing and producing a selection of superior quality belts, from their four distinct collections, this brand is all about their history and their handcrafting heritage. From the outset, the Brydon Brothers have sought to produce a product that isn’t just an accessory to your outfit, but a sophisticated standalone piece. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your look, or you want to make a statement, a belt from this British brand could be exactly what you need.

About Brydon Brothers Belts

Founded by the four Brydon Brothers in the south of England – and inspired by their family members’ entrepreneurial spirit, the Brydon Brothers brand has made a name for itself in the menswear fashion market over the last few years. Taking design inspiration from the rugged, yet strikingly beautiful natural landscapes of Britain, the current range of products draws on both the family connection and the strong symbolisation of what it means to be “Handmade in England

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Brydon Brothers – Proudly Handmade In England

Using the highest quality materials, and skilled craftsman in their local production site, Brydon Brothers belts are unique and sophisticated. Many of us might think that belts are purely a functional item, overlooking their ability to add another dimension to your outfit styling. But don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful belt.

The Classic Range

Taking inspiration from the natural and rural landscape of the United Kingdom, the Classic Range of Brydon Brothers belts is now available in six different colour options. Like all other belts from this brand, each item is handmade, with a stretch webbing strap and zinc alloy buckle. While both being natural in design, yet sophisticated in style, these simple braided belts are a great option for anyone looking to add a simple splash of neutral beauty to their outfit. Finished with a full grain leather trim and the subtle embossed company logo – this really is a belt in a class all of it’s own.

Available direct online and in selected retailers across the country, the Classic Range from the Brydon Brothers are £60 each – so they won’t break the bank, and could be a great gift for someone. Currently stocked in Olive Green, Black, Dark Brown, Navy, Grey and Creme straps with featured complimentary leather finishes throughout the range.

Brydon Brothers Belts on a wooden table, with two designs of men's leather belts and product tags

The Colour Range

If you’re looking for a statement piece, or something with a little more personality than the Classic Range, then the Colour Range could be for you. Featuring the distinctive woven design, but with the option of multiple coloured fabrics mixed together, these belts are great for fashionable everyday wear, or to complete the look for your next office night out, or wedding reception.

With three options in line with the Classic Range’s slightly more neutral colour scheme, as well as two more elaborate options, there’s something in the Colour Range for everyone. The Brydon Brothers take pride in the fact that all their belts are handmade in England, and these items are no different. A personal favourite in this range is the Cambridge Belt, with eight summer tones and the usual fully adjustable fit.

Interested? Take a look at some more information from the Brydon Brothers on the new Colour Range.

Range of Brydon Brothers Belts in 3 colour styles, featuring green and blue, red and blue and brown and blue.

The Leather Range

While the woven stretch belts in both the Classic and Colour Range are playful and stylish, there’s isn’t anything quite as stunning as the attention to detail in a high quality Italian leather belt. While handmade in England, the Brydon Brothers have this quality and finesse in abundance in their Leather Range. Featuring minimalist designs, it’s clear to see that whoever is producing the belt really cares about the finished product.

With belts in this range costing £65 – you’ll receive the same great quality and finish as any other high-end belt manufacturer, with bags more personality. Well within budget for anyone looking for a premium belt, the items in the Leather Range will stand the test of time, ageing beautifully.

Wooden Box for a Brydon Brothers Belt set on top of a white table in front of a white brick wall

In terms of reviewing the products themselves, each of the belts that I have purchased have worn incredibly well, with a comfortable fit, and stylish finish.

Not only are the products a great addition to any wardrobe, the brand itself is really standing out from the crowd with a clear identity and consistency in quality and design inspiration throughout the range. If you’ve not already, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram – and make sure one of the beautifully handcrafted Brydon Brothers belts makes it’s way on to your wish list.

This post is not sponsored by Brydon Brothers or any related companies and reflects the personal opinions of the writer only.

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