We love to hear about brands celebrating diversity with their products and passions. With pride month in june bringing people together to highlight the challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community – now is the perfect time to showcase a brand new product from the innovative team at Lego that reminds us all to dream, play and build together.

Matthew Ashton, Vice President, Design - Lego

Everyone is unique, and with a little more love, acceptance and understanding in the world, we can all feel more free to be our true AWESOME selves! This sends a signal to everyone that this is what we stand for at The LEGO Group and that we want to embrace all of you, because creativity is for everyone. We do truly feel that everyone is awesome.

Matthew Ashton, Vice President, Design – Lego

Imagination is such a wonderful thing to have, and I’m sure we can all remember a time when we let our creative side run wild when we were younger – but unless you’re lucky enough to be in a creative role as an adult, it’s less likely that you’ve explored this side of your personality for a while. When I was younger, I used to love dreaming up incredible stories, and building unique structures and worlds using lego.

While I may not have bought any lego products for a while, I have enjoyed seeing somewhat of a resurgence in it’s popularity – with a strong connection to bringing people together, and allowing us all to dream of a better world. However – their new product release really caught my eye last week, in the run up to the start of pride month. I’m a strong believer in showing support to brands that have a commitment to diversity and inclusion – beyond a simple re-design of their logos to include the colours of the pride flag for a month. We’re taking a look at Lego’s Everyone is Awesome – and some of the background from the company about their view of diversity this pride month.

As well as supporting the ‘everyone is awesome‘ message with the new product – the LEGO Group are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. They partner with Workplace Pride, Stonewall and Open for Business to help shape strategies and programs to support employees who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies across the company. They also recognise that inclusivity needs to include everyone -working with a broad definition of diversity, from gender, ethnicity, background and experience to other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities. The goal is to increase the representation of all to reflect the increasingly diverse and global marketplace they operate in.

Lego celebrates diversity with their everyone is awesome product.

Everyone is Awesome 🌈

Source | Lego Group – Press Release

LEGO® Everyone is Awesome, is a set designed to celebrate the diversity of our fans and the world around us. The buildable display model is inspired by the iconic rainbow pride flag which is used as a symbol of love and acceptance by the LGBTQIA+ community.

The model features eleven monochrome mini figures each with their own individual hairstyle and rainbow colour identity. The 346-piece model stands a little over 10cm tall and is a perfect fit for any home – allowing lego fans the chance to show off their pride with this unique new piece. The launch of the everyone is awesome product set aligns with the official kick off for pride month on June 01 2021.

Everyone is Awesome will be available to purchase from Lego for £30.99 online and in stores from June 1st – you can order one by visiting www.lego.com

Line of rainbow lego minifigures.

Design-wise, the everyone is awesome lego set is bold yet simplistic. It sends a powerful message, but it is also fun and quirky and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lego have made sure to include black and brown colours to represent the broad diversity of everyone within the LGBTQ+ community. They’ve also added in the pale blue, white and pink to support and embrace the trans community as well – as part of the progressive pride flag. They hope it’s a joy to build for anyone who buys the set and a joy to look at for years to come. The overall goal for the everyone is awesome is that it will bring a lot of joy to people’s lives.

Lego’s Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton, shared his thoughts on the creation of the set, and the role of diversity and inclusion within the Lego Group:

I wanted to create a model that symbolises inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love. This model shows that we care, and that we truly believe everyone is awesome!

Why I designed “Everyone is Awesome” – Matthew Ashton

The starting point for this was my feeling that we, as a society, could be doing more to show support for each other and appreciate our differences. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I knew I needed to step up and make a real statement about love and inclusivity, and generally spread some lego love to everybody who needs it. Children are our role models because they welcome everyone, no matter their background.

Being quite an effeminate kid, I was constantly told by different adults around me what I should and shouldn’t play with, that I needed to behave like a real boy and toughen up. I was dissuaded from doing the things that came most naturally to me. I think many of the adults around me were doing all of this to try to protect me from getting bullied, but I was actually fine with all the kids at school.

Coming out can be the period in your life where you can feel the loneliest and uncertain about what your future is going to hold once you have taken that step. I came out in my late teens. For some people, it’s easier than it used to be, but there are still a lot of struggles for people that are coming out and it’s a really scary process. You don’t know how friends and family are going to react. You’re afraid of what the consequences may be.

Lego celebrates diversity with their everyone is awesome product.

I think by taking small steps and having products like “Everyone is Awesome” out there, as well as visible people representing the LGBTQ+ community, it allows everybody to see that things do get better over time and there is a place for everybody within society. That’s what’s been so important to me in getting this set out with a message that we can be really proud of.

If I had been given this lego set by somebody at that point in my life, it would have been such a relief to know that somebody had my back. To know that I had somebody there to say “I love you, I believe in you. I’ll always be here for you.”

So, in a way, this set is not just for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s for all of the allies – parents, siblings, friends, schoolmates, colleagues out there as well. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to come out and had people there to support me. But there are so many that face discrimination, hate or violence. With this set I just want to make sure that we’re showing a bit of love and support to everybody who needs it at pride month and beyond.

This is one of the sets that I am most proud of designing. Everyone is Awesome makes a statement – and I’m really proud that I’m working for a company that wants to have a voice on topics like this. I am really happy that it has allowed me to create something that all our LGBTQ+ employees, supporters and fans can be really proud of. This sends a signal to everyone that this is what we stand for at The LEGO Group and that we want to embrace all of you, because creativity is for everyone. We do truly feel that everyone is awesome. We all have the right to be accepted, to be loved and also to be creative. With this set, we hope to show that we care, no matter who you are.

Everyone is Awesome - Product Photo - Lego

About The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded it in 1932.

The Lego Group is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. It partners with Workplace Pride, Stonewall and Open for Business to help shape strategies to support employees who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies across the company. It also supports UK-based charity, Diversity Role Models which works to educate children about inclusivity and empathy in order to build supportive and inclusive future generations.

Regardless of race, gender, language or religion, children of all ages love to play, and LEGO commercials should reflect that. That’s why they work to ensure that our creative content reflects society and the children who play with LEGO bricks. We want our employees to play an active part in shaping the diversity and inclusion agenda. Task forces, events and communication are essential to building awareness and ownership at all levels. You can read more on Lego’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by visiting www.lego.com/en-gb/aboutus/diversity-and-inclusion

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