A stylish formal shirt in your wardrobe shows that you’re ready to tackle any occasion, from a job interview to a wedding. Timeless style is really important when it comes to classic tailoring, and while formal shirt styles do change with the decades, it’s important that your formalwear has longevity.

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Why Buy a Classic Formal Shirt?

As well as being hugely versatile, matching effortlessly with both casual and tailored outfit choices, a formal shirt is a staple no matter what you do for work, or where you live in the country. Here’s the top reasons why a classic formal shirt is an essential for every eventuality.

Every man should be able to pull out a great fitting, comfortable and elegant formal shirt, and the powerful statement you make by being well dressed is one of the key reasons why getting it correct with shirting is important. First impressions really do count, and you should never underestimate the power of a good shirt. Perfect sizing, an appropriate fit and high quality materials all come together in a simple formal shirt and they can accentuate your natural confidence when you walk into a room.

Versatility of a Formal Shirt

A well-fitting formal shirt has the ability to transform your look, from office wear during the day, to the fundamental base to any evening outfit. Formal shirts are available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics in modern times, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the classics. Since the nineteenth century, classic tailoring has been a mainstay of fashions across the globe. Men’s fashion has evolved with the times, but formal shirts never go out of style – and every man should have access to a good shirt and the basic know-how of why they’re such a versatile clothing choice.

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Formal white shirts are incredible at pulling together your look. Reliable in any situation, a white shirt has the ability to be stand-out as well as beautifully understated. White, as a colour is the perfect choice for a formal shirt if you’re likely to only keep one on hand – the reason being, white shirts will pair with any colour of suit, during any season.

When it comes to styling, it can be a difficult task trying to match up shirts with complimentary ties and colours if you’re not used to doing this all the time. When wearing a crisp and elegant slim fit white shirt, you’ll save time and can be bolder in your choices knowing the shirt will always look fantastic. For more casual situations, a formal white shirt with a simple navy blazer and a pair or stone chinos or dark jeans will make your style effortless.

Pale blue, or simply striped formal shirts are perfect for business situations, allowing you to look uniform, classy and professional – while not being too bold. They help to boost your confidence, and knowing you’re well-dressed certainly helps in a potentially tough situation.  A day-to-day staple, in addition to the essential white shirt – you’ll be able to pair pale blue shirts with a huge variety of styles, and they’re great for summer holidays with a pair of chino style shorts. Again, in casual situations, a sensible pale blue formal shirt can effectively help to bring out your own personal fashion style by working well with floral patterns and pastels.

When it comes to the luxury of a tailored shirt – you can easily get the same feel from a well-fitting, high quality slim fit blue shirt – meaning you don’t need to spend over the odds for great quality.

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Men’s Formal Shirt Quality

High quality materials are so important when it comes to a great formal shirt. Not only for increased comfort, but for a high quality of finish that is noticeable as you enter the room. Using the best materials will help with the lifespan of a formal shirt, and it’s important to pay attention to the materials used to develop the look and feel. The quality of a formal shirt is one of the key characteristics to look at when it comes to making a decision to buy.

Cotton is one of the most common materials for menswear tailoring, especially when it comes to the everyday luxury. While blends are found in the cheaper styles synonymous with high street retailers, you want to look to a specialist formal shirt retailer if you’re planning to invest in a good quality shirt.

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If you’re keen to ensure comfort, then cotton is a great fabric – and it also means that you’re more likely to have a shirt that continues to fit, even after a long time of wearing it to the office. If you’re like many other men out there, you’ll appreciate the luxury of investing in a few good quality items in your wardrobe, alongside the more affordable workwear essentials.  

Formal Shirt Value

A perfect formal shirt is probably one of the most valuable items in your clothing collection. While we can’t afford to be replacing formal shirts as frequently as you’d replace a simple t-shirt, a high quality formal shirt has the longevity to last, and are well worth the slight investment in better quality at the time of purchase.

Due to their versatility, a formal shirt is massively important for any modern man. With a bigger focus on style and fashion, getting the basics right is key to portraying the right image. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can definitely judge a man by the shirt he wears. Spending a decent amount on good quality formal shirts is definitely value for money.

Shirts are massively important for simple style, and a perfectly fitting formal shirt can really enhance natural good-looks. By helping to show off parts of your body that are naturally in shape, and also covering those you may not be so proud of depending on the cut of the shirt, a great formal shirt is fantastic at improving both how you feel, and how you look.

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