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Best Gifts for Men Under £99 | Mid-Range Luxury Gifts

The art of giving a gift can be a challenge, and there's no single tip to help you find the perfect gift for every situation. Every man is different, but there's a set of staple gifts that are great no matter what your budget. Buying the perfect gift for someone you love can be just as rewarding as it can be to receive something special. Read our gift guide for the best gifts for men.

The Importance of Men's Formal Shirts

The Importance of Men’s Formal Shirts

While menswear fashion trends can come and go over the years – there’s one item of clothing that every man should keep up to date in his wardrobe. Priceless in terms of their value to your everyday life, and an essential for the various events you’re likely to attend in years to come, nothing is quite as important as a great formal shirt. A stylish formal shirt in your wardrobe shows that you’re ready to tackle any occasion.

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How To Upgrade Your Wearable Tech

No matter what your reason for wanting to get out and about, fitness and outdoor sports are becoming a huge new market. Wearable technology products offer a unique opportunity for those who like to get out for an everyday adventure to easily access to a range of useful and exciting features in a lightweight, portable device. With new technologies emerging, we've taken a look at the ways to upgrade your wearable tech products this year.