Struggling to find the perfect outfit for that all important get together, job interview or mate’s wedding? Introducing Sorted by H&M: A new intelligent personal styling app designed for men. We take a look at the launch of the new tool from one of the UK’s top high street fashion brands.

When it comes to looking your best – the saying goes that clothes make the man. I’ve often found myself scrolling through various apps trying to find the right outfit for a number of occasions over the years – and it’s always felt a bit of a challenge trying to find something I like the look of, that will also look good on me.

Images Courtesy of H&M – Sorted by H&M App Launched

There’s a lot to be said about fast fashion, and the fantastic variety and choice we have across the various menswear stores online, and on the high street. Sometimes though, too much choice can be just as much of a challenge as not enough. That’s where innovation and personalised shopping experiences really make it for me. From the casual options for the everyday man – to tailoring and special occasion outfits – having recommendations based on what looks good can be a real time saver.

H&M UK is excited to announce the launch of ‘sorted by h&m’, a personal styling and shopping app designed precisely to tackle the challenge of shopping for men. The new digital platform offers guidance and inspiration to menswear customers and well as providing a seamless shopping experience optimized to their behaviour and preferences.

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Sorted by H&M aims to be a truly guided and personalised shopping experience for men who need a little help in selecting the right clothing for them. While the app is home to the full range of H&M Menswear products – the new features help to serve ideas, inspiration and the option to purchase directly through the app. This streamlined approach takes the hassle out of browsing the stores to find something you like, and brings together years of experience in the high street menswear market.

H&M Menswear Promotional Image: A man in a white tshirt and chinos sits on a wall.

With this app, men who are looking for great fashion in the UK can get curated suggestions and style tips from H&M’s entire men’s range, with perfectly paired shopping suggestions for any given occasion. The platform works as a blend of expert menswear styling expertise alongside a powerful artificial intelligence driven system, meaning that the more you engage with it, the more accurate it gets at suggesting options that are perfectly tailored to the user.

Setting up a profile with Sorted by H&M is quick and easy – with users simply adding personal information such as hair and eye colour, clothing size, as well as any physical features such as broad shoulders or long legs, which may normally make it difficult to find the perfect fit.

After entering your details, and registering for an account – users are provided with a range of tips and dressing suggestions to hep them out. For example, one of my first styling suggestions was based around the fact that wearing a green or white t-shirt, jacket or jumper will make my green eyes stand out more. There’s also a range of fantastic tips and ideas around the fit of the items which are helpful to make the best decisions when it comes getting it right for your own shape.

H&M Promotional Image. A selection of  H&M basics mens t-shirts in pastel colours on a clothing rail.

Rather than spending hours searching through an endless selection of websites and apps – H&M are able to offer a unique service that suggests styles that will suit the user from each product category, with the option to view more from the full collection as well. Navigating the app is very user-friendly – and there’s great features like being able to like and dislike products so that the app can give you more accurate suggestions each time, based on your preferences and purchase history.

As well as these great new features, the new Sorted by H&M app also links to your H&M member profile, so you can continue to collect membership and loyalty points – which can help with some great seasonal offers and discounts – as well as keeping all of your purchase history and receipts in one place.

In addition to regular style updates, the app also includes a personal stylist message section for you to ask specific questions to one of the humans behind the app, such as ‘what can I wear for an interview’ or ‘what colours should I pair together for a smart casual look’. The ideas section of the app is regularly updated with suggestions of styles that you might be interested in – making sure that you’ve always got the latest styling inspiration in one place.

H&M Promotional Image: H&M Store in Barcelona, featuring dressed male and female mannequins.

We are so happy to be launching the Sorted by H&M app – providing a curated shopping experience for men across the country. Fashion and styling suggestions are specifically tailored to each individual based on their needs and preferences, making the shopping experience easy and more relevant.

Ross Lydon, Head of Menswear Design, H&M

The app has been built in collaboration with Thread, the AI powered styling and clothing discovery service with over a million users. While thread is more at the luxury end of the fashion market – suggesting products from a range of designers – H&M chose to work with Thread to develop Sorted by H&M as they have unparalleled experience at blending human styling expertise with a powerful AI algorithm to deliver personalised ideas for what to wear. Over the last eight years, the team at Thread have been able to tailor their user experience and take feedback to make the algorithms more accurate and personalised. This is a great partnership – bringing personal shopping to the high street – and making menswear fashion choices as simple as swiping through an app.

New users of Sorted by H&M will be able to make use of a limited time introductory offer with 15% off their purchases through the app once they have registered for an account. You can sign up to the H&M membership loyalty programme for free.

About H&M Loyalty Membership

The H&M Membership is a digital loyalty programme where you collect points with every purchase, both in store and online. When collecting points, you unlock special offers, rewards, exclusive event invitations and much more. You will find all your digital receipts from store and online purchases in your membership account – as well as links to exciting giveaways and seasonal offers.

H&M membership is completely free – and for every 100 points earned, you’ll get a bonus voucher to use on your next purchase. You can also collect points for recycling clothing that you no longer need through H&M’s Conscious programme.

About H&M

Founded in Sweden in 1947 – H&M is a fashion brand, offering the latest styles and inspiration for all. Customers will find everything from fashion pieces and unique designer collaborations to affordable wardrobe essentials, complete-the-look accessories and motivational workout wear. All seasons, all styles, all welcome! But H&M is more than just fashion. With price, quality and sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, H&M is not only a possibility for everyone to explore their personal style, but it also offers a chance to create a more sustainable fashion future.

H&M Promotional Image: David Flinn for H&M Menswear Campaign.

With over 4,300 stores across the globe, H&M are one of the largest high street fashion labels, with a group of brands that come together to offer fantastic value and the latest fashion trends. Visit for more information or follow them on social media for daily fashion and homeware inspiration.

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