Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year if you’re a florist. But this year, things are set to be a little different with one of the UK’s largest online flower delivery services – Bloom and Wild have officially called it quits with red roses for Valentines 2021

Bloom & Wild knows that real love isn’t all red roses. It’s a more complex and messy bouquet than that. At least, that’s the case as they see it from thousands of people who send flowers as gifts direct to their loved one’s doors every single day. Bloom & Wild’s customers don’t buy into the traditional clichés, so this year it isn’t going to be selling them as part of their range of gifts for Valentines Day.

Today, Bloom and Wild announced their exciting plans for Valentine’s Day 2021 in a press release. Please note, the below contains affiliate links.

Make Valentine’s Day More Personal

Inspired by the complexity of modern relationships, and given the different ways we’ll be celebrating valentines with the current effects of the pandemic – there are no red rose bouquets this year. In fact, there are no red roses at all. Senders who choose to shop with Bloom & Wild will be able to put real thought into which bouquet feels right for the person they love. Rather than giving in to the ‘expected’ – this offers a unique opportunity to show just how wildly you care on February 14th.

Bloom and Wild flower arrangements on a marble mantlepiece alongside a small wooden table and magazines.

Bloom and Wild have conducted research with consumers across the UK to find out what they really think of red roses on Valentine’s Day. A majority of 70% said that the amount of thought and care put into deciding on the gift they’ll send is the most important. Another revealing fact showed that over half (58%) of those questioned thought that red roses for valentines were a cliché!

Instead of sending the traditional bouquet of red roses, Bloom and Wild are offering a range of alternative bouquets as part of their range for 2021. With a dedicated selection of six unique bouquets of flowers for valentines for between £30 and £80 as well as their huge range of other direct to the door flowers – you’ll have plenty to choose from if you’re planning to send flowers this valentines.

About Bloom & Wild

As the UK’s most-loved online florist, caring wildly is at the heart of Bloom & Wild. It’s in the soul of their people and at the centre of how they operate. Co-founder Aron still personally replies to customers, and they treat every order like their own – with all the care in the world. It’s why they even have a customer delight team who’ll go the extra mile if something’s not 100% perfect.

Bloom & Wild exists to celebrate the little things we all do for each other every day. Not just on the big occasions. With them you can be there for the highs. Step up for the lows. Get someone out of a rut with one simple message. Remember those precious memories. Find the courage to say sorry. Or silly ways to make them smile. After all, unexpected flowers really are the best kind.

Bloom and Wild Flowers - Direct to your door. Visit and use code: BLOG10 for 10% off orders.

With some companies, care is often packaged up as something cheesy and overly sentimental. But with Bloom & Wild, it goes beyond the clichés, the token gestures, the roses. If you’re looking for a discount code for Bloom and Wild – Don’t forget to use the code: BLOG10 for 10% off your flowers for valentines day.

Not sure what to send? Maybe you could surprise them with something totally unexpected.
Or pick out their favourite flowers. There are lots of ways to make a thoughtful choice.
And we hope you enjoy doing something a little different this year.

Bloom and Wild Flowers - Direct to your door, logo.

Disclaimer: I am currently a member of the Bloom & Wild affiliate programme, and therefore this content may contain affiliate links. These are highlighted, and more information can be found on the Cookie & Privacy Policy page.

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